Royal means Regal and Repast implies “feast or meal”, together they give the restaurant its very name ROYAL REPAST . The Royal Repast  from THE HOUSE OF BEDLA, is a speciality restaurant and is an attempt to link and reconcile food with history and heritage. It attempts to show you a glimpse of traditional Mewar Style cooking which was since the year 2000 being served only by appointment, and is now open for all food lovers and Gourmets to be adventurous, and discover the Cuisine that is counted among the legends of this glorious land.

The Bedla family traces its roots in Mewar (Udaipur) to the time when Rana Sanga invited the families of “Purabia Chauhans” to lend their swords in the battle against the Moghul emperor Babar at Khanua in the year 1527A.D. The valor of the “Purabia Chauhans”, direct descendants of the glorious Prithvi Raj Chauhans (the last Hindu King of Delhi) was greatly valued and in appreciation, the family was rewarded with the “Jagirs” (Estates) of Gangrar near Chittor Garh and at Bedla near Udaipur. As the premier “Jagirdars” the Bedla Family has played a significant role in the affairs of the state over the centuries. Such was the faith of the Maharana that the Bedlas served as Prime Minister, Valued Advisors and official hosts to all the dignitaries visiting Mewar as state Guests.

Having to host illustrious foreign and Indian dignitaries, allowed the Bedlas to become excellent in entertainment and food as a mere norm. The official functions at the Bedla palace became famous. Over the years they refined and improved their entertainment activities leading to tables groaning under the weight of superb culinary delights. Their cuisine kept on evolving; keeping intact the basic distinctive authenticity coupled with imagination and innovation.

The Bedla family has had the distinction of serving their cuisine to Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy, the shah of Iran, Indira Gandhi and Pandit Jawarlal Nehru, the first prime minister of Independent India & Various royalties of Rajasthan. This speciality restaurant offers a vast number of culinary delights comprising of authentic in-house recipes inherited over two centuries. The family has revived those recipes that were served to the distinguished guests and for over two decade has been promoting them at food festivals and has been hosting foodies and connoisseurs at their 85 years old ancestral home in Udaipur. Discerning gourmands can now enjoy these recipes.